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We are trained design thinkers with a variety of leadership, technical, and business backgrounds.  We enjoy helping people solve problems and making things better.  Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Peer Review/Design Critique: once the earth movers start, building changes are expensive—before you begin construction ensure your design is going to achieve your goals by using a second set of eyes and minds.

  • Business Consulting: you’d be amazed how quickly we can predict the success of a business or the quality of an office culture.  We’re trained observers—we see things others pass by.  Our ability to see and articulate cause-and-effect results are valuable to you.

  • Leadership Coaching: relationship quality and influence are primarily a result of interpersonal habits—the best way to accelerate your impact is to be teachable, and get a coach who can help you see yourself, see others, and take effective actions.

  • Design Instruction: as you might imagine, we like to talk to others about design and impart our love of making things that are thoughtful, wonderful, and impactful.  Even better than talking about the power of design is making something together.

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